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Oahu Hawaii Sunrise Hike

oahu hawaii sunrise hike makapuu lighthouse

Oahu Hawaii Sunrise Hike © John Wulfert

Sitting on the easternmost tip of Oahu, Hawaii is the Makapuu Lighthouse.  Built in 1909, the lighthouse sits on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  A 2 mile hike from the trailhead parking lot, getting here is easy but for the best views you must come for sunrise.  No cell phones, no email, and no distractions.  A vacation in Hawaii is not complete until you have experienced this slice of paradise. For this shot, Oahu Hawaii Sunrise Hike, the experience required a headlamp and plenty of hydration. The gates to the park are locked early in the morning before sunrise, so you might have to take your chances if you arrive too early. Once I arrived at the location, finding a spot on the side of the cliff was easy. No animals were around, only the smell and sound of the ocean, and the majestic sunrise peeking over the horizon.

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